Soybean protein concentrate equipment
Soybean protein concentrate(spc)is made of high quality soybean meal witch removing the solubility in water or alcohol solube nonprotein part,the protein content is more than 65%(dry basis)and the protein(N*6.25) of soy protein products.

(Soybean Protein Isolate,SPI) based on soybean as raw material, Zhengzhou Dayang Oil Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd use the advanced processing technology to make high protein of 90% or more of the functional food additives,which has a good solubility and emulsification,super bubble,water keeping and viscoelasticity,and both have high nutritional Protein,so it is widely used in meat products(such as wastern-style ham,sausage,lunch meat,sandwich,enema,sausages and meat,etc.),cold drink products(such as ice cream,cream,ice cream,pudding,etc),baked goods,(such as bread,cakes,etc.).

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