Palm kernel oil production includes palm kernel oil press machine, palm kernel oil extraction,palm kernel oil refining.

Palm kernel oil production process:

palm kernel oil production process
1. For small palm kernel oil production , it only includes oil press and oil refining process. 
2. For some customers , they think palm kernel oil press machine is just one oil pressing machine , in fact ,it's one oil press line ,including husking, crushing ,cooking ,pressing etc. If only with one oil press machine , it's difficult to press out oil from palm kernel.
3. Palm kernel oil refining is only with basic process of "degumming, deacidification, decoloration and deodorization" , different with palm oil. Palm oil normally need fractionation after oil refining. Because palm kernel oil contains more staturated fatty acid, little liquid oil. 

Application of palm kernel oil:
1. Soap making
2. Plasticizer making
3. Medicine : osmanthus acid 

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