Palm oil machine main process:

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1. After transport the FFB to palm oil press machine,the palm fruits will delivery to sterilizer by conveyor or palm fruit cage.

2. After separate palm fruits and palm bunch by thresher,Palm fruits will be conveyed to palm oil
pressers to get crude palm oil (CPO) .Palm bunch can be used as fertilizer or fuel.
3. After pressing,we can get palm cake and palm nut.Palm nuts will be conveyed to palm recovery
system to get palm kernels,fiber,palm shell.Palm cake will be conveyed to boiler room.
4. After filtering,centrifuging,vacuum drying ,we can get crude palm oil (CPO),The CPO can be
sold directly or use for further processing.
5. The sewage from all the process machine will be processed to reach discharge Standard. Sludge can be used for fertilizer in palm plantation.

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