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An oil extraction machine is a machine that separates oil from animals and plants by mechanical, physical or chemical materials.
The oil extraction machine specifically includes a hydraulic oil press, a screw press, a cold press, a pre-press, and the like to obtain a grease machine.
oil extraction machine also includes a machine for extracting oil by solvent extraction. Solvent extraction oil extraction machine. Including tank group intermittent leaching device, continuous flat leaching equipment, annular leaching equipment, box chain continuous leaching equipment.
The solvent extraction method extracts the oil machine. In principle, there are atmospheric pressure leaching equipment, negative pressure evaporation leaching equipment, and a hexane leaching device. There are also solvent extraction equipment No. 4 and carbon dioxide extraction equipment. There are water absorption exhaust equipment and mineral oil tail gas recovery equipment.
Depending on the oil crop and the amount of processing. Different extraction machines can be used. The amount of processing is not too large, or the processing of oil is more precious, you can choose oil press or cold press, you can also choose solvent extraction equipment No. 4 or carbon dioxide extraction machine. Large-scale processing of oil crops, optional pre-extraction leaching equipment.
The oil extraction machine also has a multi-functional integrated production line, a soybean low-temperature extraction and oil-making machine, and a phenol-free cottonseed protein machine. Sunflower seed protein machine, etc., Zhengzhou Dayang Grease Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides various oil extraction machines
Provide equipment scale 30---2,000 tons

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