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There are many kinds of vegetable oil refining machines. At present, there are two kinds of vegetable oil refining machines, one is a chemical vegetable oil refining machine, and the other is a physical vegetable oil refining machine.

The chemical vegetable oil refining machine process is relatively simple. The equipment used is a chemical vegetable oil refining machine. The process generally selects a batch refining process, which is suitable for small-scale edible oil plants. The production scale should not exceed 20 tons per day. Chemical vegetable oil refining machines are generally equipped with an alkali refining pot and a water washing pot. Decolorizing pot, deodorizing pot, vacuum system, filter, heat transfer oil furnace. Equipment components such as steam generators.

The alkali refining pot is mainly a container for mixing oil and alkali, a base and a free fatty acid, and the device is equipped with a two-speed stirring device. The water washing pot and the alkali refining pot have the same structure, degumming and washing the oil during the refining process, and the decolorizing pot is a vacuum negative pressure container. Adding white clay to absorb the pigment in the oil and fat, equipped with a stirring device, adding white soil is evenly stirred, and the deodorizing pot is made of 304 stainless steel. Under the condition of vacuum negative pressure and high temperature, the evaporation of free fatty acid has reached the purpose of deacidification, and the thermal oil furnace provides a positive The heat source of the system, the steam generator is responsible for providing the steam required in the refining process,

The physical vegetable oil refining machine uses a refining process. The physical deacidification tower is used for refining. The equipment is generally equipped with a centrifuge, a decolorizer, a vibrating filter, a shield pump, a heat exchanger, a deacidification tower, a cooling system, and the like. Ocean Corporation has developed the latest dual-tower coupling deacidification process.


Zhengzhou Dayang Grease Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides various types of chemical vegetable oil refining machines and physical vegetable oil refining machines to refine various edible oils and fats.

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