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flaxseed oil refining
Dayang installed this TPD5 flaxseed oil refining and dewaxing line in Qinghai province China, with the main purpose of making first grade flaxseed oil for capsule. 

Flaxseed oil refining includes degumming, deacidification, decoloration and deodorization,after refining , flaxseed oil needs dewaxing too. Because this flaxseed oil is used for capsule, then the whole production line is controlled very strictly. Since we signed the contract , we sent people directly go to Qinghai to check the land where they chose to build this oil plant , then we designed for them the plant layout for them to build oil plant reference . When oil machines were done, we sent two professional engineers to install the poduction line , training workers during installation, commissioning until oil refining line start-up. 

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