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This project Dayang installed in Ethiopia is TPD30 soybean oil and sunflower oil production including oil pretreatment , oil extraction and oil refining.

For some customers , they prefer in one oil plant to produce several types of oil, but we recommend it's better no more than three raw materials .  This project in Ethiopia ,the client required us to design oil plant for soybean and sunflower oil production but first step they only produce soybean oil because of budget problems. Then according to their requirement, when we design, we keep space for sunflower oil production as next step. 

For sunflower oil production, most different process with soybean oil production is pretreatment and pre-press , soybean oil production doesn't need pre-press but sunflower oil production needs. They can share oil extraction and oil refining , but for sunflower oil ,it needs dewaxing after refining.

If you want to make one oil combined oil plant  for 2-3 types of vegetable oil, you can send email to us with details and we will design for you reasonable oil plant .

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