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Dayang manufacturing oil pressing machine, peanut oil press machine,suitable for different vegetable oil.

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 For edible oil production, there are two ways: with oil pressing machine and pretreatment (without pressing), oil pressing machine is used for vegetable seeds with high oil contain such as sunflower oil, peanut oil,cottonseed oil etc.  and pretreatment is used for oil seeds with low oil contain such as soybean oil, rice bran oil etc.

According to different capacity, oil pressing machine can be divided into oil press machine and oil pre-press machine. For small capacity, oil production line normally is without oil extraction ,only oil press and oil refinery. For bigger capacity, oil prodcution is with oil extraction then needs oil pre-press and oil refinery. This is suitable for peanut oil press machine.

Oil pressing machine models
Model No. Power(kw) Capacity(t/d) Oil residue% Remark
DYZY340-2 185+11 280~320 13~16 Pre press
DYZY340-2 160+11 150~200 8~13 Press
DYZY320-2 110+11 260~280 13~18 Pre press
DYZY320-2 90+11 120~150 8~10
DYZY283-3 55+7.5 130~160 15~20 Pre press
DYZY283-3 55+7.5 40~60 8~10 Press
DY204-3 30+5.5+3 65~75 14~18 Pre press
DY202-3 30 45~50 12~14 Pre press
DYZ24-2Y 22+7.5 20~25 6~8 Press
DY200A-3 18.5 9~12 6~7 Press

As you can see above, when oil pre-press,keeping oil residue inside cake is higher than oil pressing machine in order to save energy,because the oil residue will be extracted in oil extraction any way. Finally oil residue will be less than 1% after oil extraction process. If only oil pressing, the oil residue inside cake is about 6-8%, which is wasted . That is why we always recommend to produce with oil extraction if have conditions.

Peanut oil press machine is same as above, how to choose oil pressing machine is according to your capacity and requirement. Normally oil pressing machine is not used alone, it's a whole oil pressing line including cleaning ,cooking, pressing and filtering etc. More information and oil pressing machine price please contact us .


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