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Dayang oil machine supplys oil press machine including cold oil press machine

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Dayang oil machine supplys different type of oil making machine, including oil press machine , oil extraction machine, oil refining machine. Double screw cold oil press machine is a double screw structure, with big pressure big not easy smoothbore with frequency adjustable feeding, used for olive,peanut, flax seed, rapeseed and tea seed etc  cold pressing. This cold oil press machine works at low temperature to make sure invariance of oil quality and low oil residue in cake, good quality of oil. Easy wearing parts using high-quality steel after carburizing heat treatment can keep long service life.
Double screw cold oil press machine
Model No. Capacity (t/24h) Oil residue % Power(kw)
DYYZ12-2 10 4.5-7.5 15
DYYZ16-2 20 4.5-7.5 30
DYYZ20-2 40 4.5-7.5 45
DYYZ28-2 60-70 4.5-7.5 75

Compared with with single screw press machine, double screw press machine has wider application. It achieves low residual oil with big capacity and brings new breakthrough of oil manufacturing technology.
(1) This cold press machine is suitable for different oil press process, and it doesn’t need steam cooking or flaking, directly to cold press which saves gas consumption and power consumption, making good shape of cake , low residual oil, good permeability ,easy for extraction, light color of crude oil high refining oil yield
(2) The principle of this machine is novel, the structure is reasonable, the operation is stable and the mechanical performance is good. Main mechanical transmission system of major components such as double shaft gear box, double screw press mechanism and the gear shaft, spindle, squeezer, pressing ring, the tail shaft etc are made of high quality alloy steel and heat treated under strict to make machine durable.
(3) Operation of this cold press machine and single screw oil press are similar, horizontal spiral conveying stranding cage of feeding device adopts frequency speed control of motor , so the material flows evenly, easy control and convenient operation.

Cold pressing machine is the ideal equipment for producing special high quality oil.



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