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Palm oil press machine

Find here palm oil press machine , whole line of palm oil press machine from palm fruits

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 Normally , when we talk about palm oil press machine , it doesn't mean just one oil press machine , it's a whole line from palm fruits until pressed palm crude oil and pressed cake. 
The whole line of palm oil press machine includes five steps:

Sterilizing is steam boiling FFB 60 minutes inside sterilizing tank at high temperature in order to kill active fatty enzyme to avoid free fatty acid increaing, which makes palm fruit soft and loose easier for threshing and reduing destory palm kernel

2. Threshing 
Main purpose of threshing is to separate palm fruit from palm bunches , after threshing , palm fruit goes to crushing

3. Crushing
Main purpose of crushing is to separate palm fruit and palm kernel , and make palm fruit mash up easier for pressing.

4. Pressing or pre-pressing
Crushed palm fruit will be pressed or pre-pressed here with palm oil press machine, we will get crude palm oil and palm oil cake. If pre-pressing , palm oil cake will be sent to palm oil extraction.

5.Clarification and purification
Crude palm oil will be diluted with water, precipitated and filtered to remove fiber impurities.

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