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Rice bran oil production is using rice bran oil granulating machine instead of pressing machine , rice bran oil granule will be delivered to oil extraction .

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For rice bran oil production, we need first make rice bran to regular size granule which will help next steps.Before granulating, we need screening and conditioning rice bran.

Rice bran granulating machine has compact structure, nice appearance, high yield, low power consumption etc characteristics, the ring die and roller has high strength and wear resistance, the equipment adopts stepless motor feeding, is equipped with overload protection device, this equipment which produce granule with big density, and smooth surface is the ideal equipment for rice bran granulation and other oil materials granulation.

Model No. Capacity(t/d) Reduction gears Specification
DYZL250 30 Main 18.5KW,Feeder 0.75KW,Conditioner 2.2KW
DYZL300 50 Main 37KW,   Feeder0.75KW,  Conditioner3KW
DYZL350 90 Main 55KW,   Feeder0.75KW,  Conditioner3KW
DYZL400 110 Main 90KW,   Feeder1.5KW,    Conditioner5.5KW
DYZL450 150 Main 110KW, Feeder1.5KW,    Conditioner5.5KW
DYZL500 200 Main 160KW, Feeder1.5KW,     Conditioner7.5KW

Advantages of rice bran oil granulating machine:

1.Granulating machine lubrication part of press roll is using microcomputer real time tracking and monitoring operation. While bearing temperature beyond their normal temperature, microcomputer will
automatically start lubricating device for bearing lubrication protection, which thoroughly solve the problem of the lubrication of the press roll by experience.

2.The driving gear adopts the high precision gear drive, uses the Swedish imported bearing, the ring mold quick release type hoop type, the output is more than the belt type 10-15%.

3. Ring die, press roll using alloy steel forging , the use of carburizing process heat treatment, carburizing layer up to 2mm, lift of wearing up to 800-100 hours, which is ten times more wear resistance than normal heat treatment process , can maximize the cost savings. 

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