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Sunflower oil press

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 Sunflower oil press is divided into sunflower oil press for small capacity and sunflower oil pre-press for medium and big capacity , is a line preparing for sunflower oil extraction or sunflower oil refinery.basic part of complete oil production. Sunflower oil pressing machine is the main machine used in sunflower oil press line. 
Sunflower oil press process

Sunflower seeds → Magnetic sceen → Destoner→Vibrating screen → Husking machine→Kernel/husk separating screen → Steam Cooker → Sunflower oil pressing mahcine or pre-press machine → Crude sunflower oil for refining

1. Cleaning system: magnetic screen , destoner, vibrating screen , this system is widely used for nearly all vegetable seeds cleaning.
2. Husking machine: Some people prefer sunflower oil press without husking machine, which is not recommended. Because sunflower husk will take away part of oil when pressing oil.
3. Kernel/husk separating screen : not separating 100% husk ,if not , will be too slipery to press.
4. Steam cooker: adjust right moisture and temperature to avoid over cooking.
5. Sunflower oil pressing machine: for sunflower oil pre-pressing doesn't need press so much as pressing machine, because after pre-pressing , residual sunflower oil will be extracted in oil extraction process.



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