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 Cottonseed oil is good or not ? is a question peoplea always ask, because crude cottonseed oil contains a lot of impurities,gossypol , gum, wax etc harmful substances , which is bad for human especially germ cells. But nowadays with technology developing, after refining cottonseed oil , most of these harmful substances will be removed and not bad for human body any more.

Cottonseed oil refining mainly includes degumming, alkali refining, oil and soap separation, washing, decoloration, deodorization etc.

Cottonseed oil refining can be divided into batch alkali refining , semi continuous refining , continuous refining according to different automation for different capacity.
Batch refining is suitable for small capacity less than 15 tons per day or several raw materials plant. Semi-continous refining is suitable for capacity about 20-50 tons,
Continous refining is for capacity more than 50 tons.

As we can see, cottonseed oil is good or not ,depending on refined or not . Refined cottonseed oil is edible.

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