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Common vegetable oil includes sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil, groundnut oil, cottonseed oil. How to make vegetable oil is using different process according to different raw materials and different capacity.

To make vegetable oil at home is very simple ,just one press machine and filter is enough, but if you want to bulid a proper oil plant to make vegetable oil, you need decide first what type of oil and capacity.

Basic process to make vegetable oil is oil pressing and oil refining, or if your capacity is more than 20 tons per day, you can add oil extraction process.

Whole set of oil pressing includes raw material cleaning system, husking machine,flaking machine, crushing machine, cooking machine ,oil pressing machine, for different raw material choosing different combination. After oil pressing ,we can get crude oil and oil cake.

Oil extraction is using solvent to exact oil from pressed oil cake inside oil extractor, after this, mixed oil will be evaporated to separate solvent and oil , wet meal will be dried inside desolventizer , solvent from evaporator and desolventizer is collected after passing condensers. Through oil extraction , we can get crude oil for oil refining and dry meal for sale.

After oil pressing and oil extraction, crude oil will be delivered for oil refining. Oil refining includes four basic steps: degumming,deacidification, decoloration and deodorization. After these four steps, we can get edible oil. But for some special oil, we need one more step after oil refining, for example, sunflower oil need dewaxing and palm oil needs fractionation.

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