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 How is soybean oil extracted? Main process is using solvent to extract oil from flaked soybean pieces with specific soybean oil extraction machine and reasonable soybean oil extraction methods to make solvent dissolve oil and extract out oil. To make good effect of soybean oil extraction, we need choose right soybean oil extraction machine with right methods and conditions.

Nowadays,it doen't matter which extraction methods: soaking, spraying or both, the soybean oil extraction process used more often is counter flow extracting process ,that is, using different concentrate solvent to extract oil from raw material, normally more concentrate solvent is used in the end because in the beginning oil is easier to be extracted. According to different soybean oil extraction machine, oil extraction can be divided into batch extraction and continuous extraction, most usual oil extractor such as rotocel oil extractor , towline oil extractor is continuous extraction.

After oil extractor, we use desolventizer as the main soybean oil extraction machine to dry soybean meal and separate solvent with soybean meal. Desolventizer is using high temperature steam to pass through layers of wet soybean meal, after heating , solvent will be evaporated and wet meal will be dried too.

Mixed oil from oil extractor will be evporated through multi-effective evaporators. This soybean oil extraction machine is combined with three parts: first evaporator , second evaporator and steam stripping. Through multi-effective evaporators , solvent will be evaporated by transforming into gas and separated with soybean oil. After evaporation, we will get crude soybean oil for oil refinery.

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