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How to make sunflower oil is depending on your capacity. For capacity more than 20 tons per day, sunflower oil making process is sunflower oil pressing, oil extraction and oil refining, but for small capacity, it adopts oil pressing and oil refining. 

Raw sunflower seeds first is cleaned by magnetic roller, destoner and vibrating screen , and then delivered to husking machine. After husking machine , sunflower kernel and husk will be separated by screen, Separated sunflower kernel contains no more than 10% sunflower husk, and separated husk should contain kernel less than 1%. Then sunflower kernel will be cooked inside steam cooker and after cooking , sunflower kernel will be pressed to get crude sunflower oil and cake. Crude sunflower oil will be refined in oil refining line. For big capacity, pressed cake will be extracted in oil extraction line.

After filtering , first crude sunflower oil will be degummed to remove phospholipid , degumming is basic and important step for making good sunflower oil. After degumming, crude sunflower oil will be neutralized by adding alkali with purpose of removing free fatty acid. Decoloration is the next step after neutralizing to make clear color of sunflower oil by bleaching with clay. Decolored crude sunflower oil will be deodorized by high temperature steam supplied by heat oil conducting furnace to remove bad smell odour.

If you need high quality of edible sunflower oil ,  after refining , sunflower oil should be dewaxed (winterization ), Dewaxing is using low temperature to make wax winterized into solid inside cystallizer. Then filtering solid wax by vibrating screen . After winterization, sunflower oil is edible transparent clear oil.

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