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 Palm oil is one of the most important edible oil in the world. How to refine palm oil is the process to refine crude palm oil (red palm oil ) in order to make it become edible palm oil.

Main crude palm oil refining process is : crude palm oil, degumming, neutralizing, decoloring, deodorizing and fractionation.

1. Degumming is to remove impurities such as physophitade ,sugar,protein mixture etc. The quality of crude palm oil is very important for final palm oil quality, and gum is one important factor. Without degumming, oil is very easy to be emulsified and difficult to be operated.

2. Neutralizing called deacidification,is to neutralize free fatty acid. If neutralizing has problem, it will make troubles directly to decoloration and next steps and make palm oil quality and oil yield reduced. Deacidification has two ways: chemical way or physical way, which one to choose is depending on crude oil quality. If acid value of crude palm oil is high and capacity is big, it's better to choose physical way.

3. Decoloring  main purpose is to remove deep colorant of crude palm oil , and also can reduce quantity of physophitade,,peroxide value,metal ion etc, which will make palm oil nice color , more stable. Normally using clay to absorb colorant.

4. Deodorization is to remove bad smell impurities under high temperature vacuum conditions, normally main equipment is deodorizing tower .

5. Fractionation is to separate different product at different temperature, such as olein and sterin. Temperature is adjustable depending on proportion of olein and sterin you require.

Above is basic process of how to refine palm oil, you can adjust during real palm oil production. If you want more information, please contact us directly.

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