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Rice bran oil production is very difficult , different with other types of oil, we need pay more attention during rice bran oil production especially in rice bran oil pretreatment and rice bran oil refining.

1. Rice bran oil pretreatment
Small rice dregs should be separated from rice bran. If not separated, the small rice dregs have some bad effects in rice bran oil production:

a. bad for rice bran oil extraction. Because rice dregs contain lots of starch, parcels of starch will go into mixed oil and make mixed oil unclear and precipitated. It’s difficult to separate these parcels with filter. When evaporating mix oil , these parcels will be gelatinized which makes oil color deeper and not good for quality of crude rice bran oil.

b. bad for rice bran oil refining. If crude rice bran oil contains starch, it’s easy to be emulsified during hydration or alkali refining, difficult to separate soap stock from neutral oil , finally make oil yield reduced.

2.Rice bran oil refining
Crude rice bran oil acid value normally is very high. If we use normal chemical refining to remove acid , neutral oil loss will be a lot, adding normal refining loss and fractioned solid fat, final first rice bran oil yield only about 50%. So we need special refining method for rice bran oil.

a. Degumming :
To completely remove phosphatide is very important. Because phosphatide is thermal sensitive stuff easy to produce back impurities not good for oil quality. Using special wet degumming method : heating rice bran oil to 70degree, adding phosphoric acid and cooling down oil to 40degree , adding NaOH liquid to react with oil, and then heating up to separate by centrifuge.

b. Deacidification and deodorization :
In order to avoid neutral oil loss, rice bran oil refining adopts physical Deacidification technology , that is , using steam stripping deodorization at same time Deacidification under high temperature vacuum conditions. Because lots of free fatty acid exist inside crude rice bran oil , using double filling tower to refine rice bran oil in order to make sure good effects of Deacidification and deodorization.

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