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Some oil plants produce rice bran oil without separating rice bran and small broken rice,which makes troubles for rice bran oil extraction and rice bran oil refining.Rice bran and small broken rice separating screen is one essential rice bran oil machine. Here you will see the troubles made without separating screen:

1. Troubles in rice bran oil extraction process

Because small broken rice contains quite a lot of starch,which will go into mixed oil during rice bran oil extraction and produce precipitation which is difficult to be filtered.

When evaporating and stripping at high temperature, this part of starch will be pasting and coking which will make color of crude rice bran oil deeper and affect the quality of crude rice bran oil.

Pasted and coked starch will cause pipe shell of evaporators and plate of stripping tower scaling,which will be not good for desolventizing and oil extracting. If scaling very seriously, pipes of evaporators will be blocked.

2.Troubles in rice bran oil refining process

Because starch existed in rice bran oil, it is very prone to emulsification during hydrated or alkali refininig process which will make bad separation of soapstock and medium oil ,resulting in low oil refining yield.

As above, starch pasting and coking makes color of crude oil deeper, this will make decoloration more difficult ,which need more clay to bleach deep color, resulting in higher energy consumption.

Hence, In preparation of rice bran oil production, it's necessary to separate rice bran and small broken rice which is important for rice bran oil extraction and rice bran oil refining.

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