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Solvent extraction of oilseeds means using solvent to extract oil from oilseeds, common chemical used is N-hexane.

Chemical and physical properties of N-hexane: 

Physical :                       Liquid 
Appearance:                 Clear
Vapor Pressure:         160 mbar @ 20 deg C 
Vapor Density:             2.97(Air = 1) 
Viscosity:                       0.31 mPa @ 20 deg C 
Boiling Point:                69 deg C @ 760 mmHg 
Freezing/Melting Point:-95 deg C 
Solubility:                       Insoluble. 
Specific Gravity/Density:0.659 
Molecular Formula:      C6H14 
Molecular Weight:86.18 


1. N-hexane has strong ability of extraction, improving solvent extraction of oilseeds.
2. Recycling at Low temperature,energy saving and improving quality of meal and not increasing acid value of crude oil.
3. N-hexane is well disolved inside oil , can reduce oil residue inside meal.
4. N-hexane contains low sulfur, can reduce corrosion of equipment and prolong equipment life.

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