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Once, a friend asked that why sunflower oil she bought with a new brand smelt very bad when frying ,which was not happened with other two famous brands. As a professional sunflower oil making machine manufacturer, we know that this problem is related with sunflower oil refining ,which is also suitable for other cooking oil refining.

Sunflower oil refining machine includes four steps: degumming, deacidification, decoloration and deodorization.

Degumming is  removing phosphatide from crude sunflower oil.

Deacidificatin is adding alkali into oil to neutralize free fatty acid,and washing before gum separation.If free fatty acid is not removed well, when cooking, sunflower oil will have odor smells.

Decoloration is  to bleach oil by using active clay absorbing deep colorant, with controlling operating pressure, temperature,time and mixing etc.factors.

When using different methods to produce sunflower oil, crude oil will have different smells ,all these smells are called odor smell. Except free fatty acid, crude oil also contains triacylglycerol, we need deodorization to remove some unnecessary odors from crude oil. triacylglycerol itself has no smell, but when reach over its smoking point , it will burn to have smells. Then we need deodorization to remove these stuffs to improve oil smoking point and avoid bad smells.

So it is important to make good sunflower oil refining to avoid sunflower oil bad smells.

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