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Cottonseed oil machine, cottonseed processing industry can be said to be very rapid development, cottonseed oil machine development is rapid, in the process of historical changes, the oil processing and manufacturing industry can reflect a country from the planned economy to the communist market The historical process of economic transition. The cottonseed oil machine is very important at this time.
Cottonseed oil machine is a continuous oil making equipment. It can use organic solvents to dissolve grease. After soaking and spraying, it can efficiently extract grease in oil. Cottonseed oil machine can also be used for rapeseed, peanut, sesame and other oil crops. The pre-extracted leaching can be used for one-time leaching of certain oil products. With the advancement of science and technology, the upgrading of oil refining equipment has been continuously improved, and the level has also been generally improved.
Cottonseed oil machine production equipment with excellent process performance and mechanical properties is a prerequisite for ensuring continuous, efficient and stable production, and also plays an important role in improving product quality. Foreign oil production companies and domestic foreign-funded enterprises attach great importance to oil and fat equipment.
Cottonseed oil machine includes, screening machine, sheller, shell kernel separator, steamer, oil press, leaching equipment, cottonseed oil refining equipment, etc.

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