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 1. The key to the physical refining of rice bran oil hydration degumming rice bran oil is to remove the colloidal substances in the oil as much as possible. The presence of a large amount of colloidal substances will not only affect the product quality, but also cause coking at the high temperature to form grease and adhere to the filler surface. , affect the normal operation of the equipment. In general, the phosphorus content of hydration degumming oil must be ≤ 30mg/kg. The

First heat the frying oil to 80-85°C, add 0.3% of oil, 85% phosphoric acid, and stir rapidly for 30 minutes. Then add 90-95 °C temperature, 8% of the amount of oil, the concentration of 5% salt solution stirred slowly for 15min, then settle for 2h, release the oil feet.


2, rice bran oil machine washing first degummed oil heated to 75-78 °C, adding a temperature of 90-95 °C, 8% of the amount of oil, the concentration of 5% of the alum solution was stirred slowly for 15min, static precipitation 2h, release feet . Then, the temperature of the oil is raised to 75-78° C., and tap water with a temperature of 90-95° C. and 8% of the oil is slowly stirred for 15 minutes and allowed to settle for 2 hours, and the oil foot is released for use. The

3, rice bran oil machine drying Dry degumming must be hydrating degummed oil moisture below 0.5%. The hydration degumming oil is dried in a continuous filler desolventizer with a drying vacuum of -0.09 Mpa and an oil inlet temperature of 105-110°C. The

4, rice bran oil machine dry degumming drying oil is heated to about 85 °C, by the quantitative pump to add 85% of the concentration of edible phosphoric acid, adding 0.1% of the weight of oil, after the rapid stirring mixing reaction by knife mixer, enter Leaf filter. The dried degummed oil is obtained by removing the remaining phospholipids, metal ions, and the like by filtering the decolorized waste clay. In general, the dry degummed oil contains less than 10 mg/kg of phosphorus. The

5, decolorization of rice bran oil machine 70% of dry degummed oil is heated to 110 °C, into the decolorization tower decolorization. 30% of the oil is transferred into the soil mixer and mixed with the added clay, and decolorized by a vacuum inhalation decolorization tower. The decolorization tower has a double-layer structure and steam stirring. The decolorization tower vacuum degree is -0.09Mpa, the decolorization time of the oil in the decolorization tower is 30min, and the amount of white clay added is 2%. If the decolorization effect is not good, a little activated carbon can be added for use. [To be continued]

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