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Zhengzhou Dayang Oil Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. with the actual needs of small oil processing enterprises in 2008 to develop animal oil equipment. Animal oil equipment generally consists of three sections, smelting equipment, refining equipment, fractionation equipment or multi-stage refining equipment.

Smelting equipment, including animal suet after crushing or slicing, after negative pressure melting, UV disinfection in addition to taste, the production of butter from the system,

Refining equipment is after five off the process to remove moisture, coloring, odor and other non-oil components, Preparation of edible oil and pot at the end of feed oil,

The taping equipment separates the grease components to obtain two or more grease components for the production of other high value-added products such as margarine.

Special oils, such as horse oil, need to be refined through multi-stage separation of the essential oil components, horse oil cream material.

After 10 years of product improvement, our animal oil equipment is more perfect.

Animal oil smelting equipment is full-featured, including a number of measures such as frozen oil crushing, shredding of fresh raw materials, conveying, sealed packing, vacuum negative pressure melting, odor extraction by vacuum, UV sterilization, vibration filtration and impurity removal.

Refining including deacidification, washing, degumming, bleaching, deodorization and other processes, or the use of advanced physical refining process.

Subdivided by the general method of fractionation process conventional separation of fat components, solvent extraction and separation of components of the process, and multi-level extraction process, the extraction of high-priced components in oil, grease processing enterprises more profits.

Animal oil equipment utilities supporting a heat source, steam source, power supply, automatic control, according to customer needs can be configured with all functions.

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