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 PEANUT OIL MACHINE, peanut as raw material, the use of pressing method of oil, help to maintain the inherent flavor and aroma of peanut oil. The crushing method can be divided into ordinary peanut oil production process and concentrated peanut oil production process. After pressing the peanut cake, but also further solvent extraction method, remove most of the remaining fat. A complete set of peanut oil machine including peanut screening, crushing, pressing embryo, pressing and other processes, large peanut oil plant also need extraction equipment.

   Pressing lawn fragrant PEANUT OIL MACHINE, the process is divided into mixed oil technology and mixing process. In the mixed process, one-third of the fried seeds are pressed into the oil, and all the pressed oil is mixed. In the mixed process, one-fourth of the preferred peanuts are selected. After the fried seeds are crushed, all the materials are mixed for crushing. Finally made peanut oil.

  Zhengzhou Dayang Oil Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. can design a variety of process methods for the production of PEANUT OIL MACHINE, design and manufacture of processing capacity of 30 - 3,000 tons peanut oil peanut oil machine

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