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Cottonseed oil machine and soybean oil production line

The cottonseed meal is used as raw material to process and produce edible oils and fats. The by-products of cottonseed meal can be used as animal feedstuffs, and can also be used to produce phenol-free cottonseed protein. The conventional processing technology includes removing cottonseeds, peeling shells, and separating shell nuts. Steaming, squeezing, extraction, or vacuum evaporation extraction process.

Cottonseed oil machine has a variety of processing techniques, such as cottonseed oil pressing process, cottonseed pre-extracted oil extraction process, and cottonseed kernel pressure embryo disposable extraction process. Dephenolated cottonseed protein technology, Zhengzhou Dayang company can design according to the requirements of the end product.

Cottonseed oil can be chemically refined or physically refined. Cottonseed oil can be split into multicomponent melting points.


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