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 oil machine refers to all machines for extracting oil, oil refining, and deep processing. It can be divided into general general oil extraction machines, grease extraction machines, oil refining machines, grease deep processing machines, and of course, oil pretreatment equipment.


oil extraction machines in oil machines are divided into hot oil presses and cold oil presses. Hydraulic presses and screw presses are also used. Hydraulic presses are machines that use liquid pressure to squeeze oil. The oil press is a device that uses the rotation of a screw to change mechanical energy into pressure and extract oil.


oil machine include not only the above-mentioned oil presses but also machinery for extracting oil. Large-scale oil extraction plants generally use machines for extracting oils and fats. Extractors for extracting oils come in a variety of formats, including flat extractors and ring extractors. Chain box extractors, etc., also have specially designed basket extractors, 2D extractors, and satellite extractors. Machines for extraction and extraction of oils generally use solvent soaking or spraying oil to dissolve the vegetable oil components in solvent oil to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. The vegetable oil is then extracted by evaporation. Low-temperature extraction and supercritical extraction can also be used to extract oils.


The oil machine also includes a grease refining machine. The oils and fats extracted by the above methods cannot contain any impurities because they contain various impurities. Therefore, after oil refining, the oil refining equipment includes dehydration, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing, degreasing, and other processes, and the reprocessing reaches the edible oil standard. Refined parts of the oil machine include conventional chemical refiners, physical refiners, intermittent refiners, continuous refiners, semi-continuous refiners, and cold filter refiners.


The above-mentioned equipment introduced by the oil machine is a commonly used processing method in oil plants. Special greases also require special processing equipment.

For example, in the soybean oil making process, the requirements for the soybean meal (ordinary soybean meal, expanded soybean meal, peeled soybean meal, soybean white bean slice, etc.) are different, and the selected oil machine is different.

Peanut Oil Flavors (Fragrant Peanut Oil, Luzhou Peanut Oil, 5S Pressed Peanut Oil) The requirements are different, the oil production method is not the same, and the choice of oil machine is not the same.

Processes that require extraction of phospholipids must be equipped with phospholipid extraction machinery such as soybean phospholipids and sunflower lecithin.

oil machines also include linseed oil capsules and tea seed oils for the refinement of capsule-grade fats

Some oil plants require deep processing of grease. For example, splitting, hydrogenation, kneading, etc., should be configured with the corresponding oil machine.

oil machines also include grease disintegration machines, oil cracking machines, multi-level refining machines and various animal oil smelting machines, margarine, margarine machines, etc.


oil machine also include soy protein concentrate machines, soy protein isolate machines, dephenolated cottonseed protein machines, sunflower protein machines, peanut protein and peanut protein peptide machines based on customer requirements for product components, oil production processes. Rice bran produces inositol machinery, rice bran protein machine, castor oil cracking to produce azelaic acid machine, etc.

Ocean can design different oil machine processing equipment according to customer requirements



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