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 Degumming and alkali refining process of the animal oil refining machine

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Degumming and alkali refining( neutralization) process of the animal oil refining machine
Stirring and heating the oil up to 60ºC, spraying hot brine( Water quantity is 2%-4% of crude oil, salt is 0.1%of the crude oil.) into crude oil, Stirring 30 minutes with the speed of 60Rev / min, stop stirring when the colloidal particles flocculation layered obviously, keep temperature at 55ºC--65ºC, remain static and settle for 1-2 hours, discharge the gum oil feet according to the water adding amount.
Alkali refining( neutralization)
The initial temperature is 60ºC--65ºC, The alkali concentration is 14-20ºB´e,initial temperature is 80ºC.

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