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When you want to invest sunflower oil plant, first you need choose sunflower oil making machine.How to choose sunflower oil making machine, there are something you need think about.
1. Capacity you plan to invest
To decide the capacity is the basic thing for choosing sunflower oil making machine.Different capacity , sunflower oil production process will be different and combination of sunflower oil making machine will be different.

2. Price of sunflower oil making machine
Price is always most  important thing people think about when invest. But in sunflower oil production, you cannot choose sunflower oil making machine just by price lower or not. Because this investment is a complete line of sunflower oil machine, if in one quotation, there are less machines than others , of course the price is lower. Even with similar price, different size of single machine cost will be different. And also, different technology will make different price.

3. Oil making machine manufacturer
A professional sunflower oil making machine manufacturer will give you different options with different technology ,or design a complete line suitable for your conditions. They will give you professional advice and answers for all your doubts during whole investment, With qualified oil machine manufacturer , you will get good consulting, good quality of oil making machine, good oversea services. 

4. Oil yield and energy consumption
Except above , oil yield and energy consumption are very important for long running of oil plant. When you choose one line of sunflower oil making machine, it 's better to ask how about oil yield and energy consumption. For example, with 0.5% oil yield less, a capacity with 10 tons per day, that means every day 50kg less, every month 1500kg (about 300 bottles of 2L ) And then how to control oil yield and energy consumption is depending on technology plan and combination of machines offered by oil machine manufacturer.

So, when choose sunflower oil making machine, price is not the only thing to think about, choose good oil making machine manufacturer  is very important.

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