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 In edible oil extraction, after oil extractor,oil evaporator and oil desolventizer, solvent will be transformed into gas to be cooled down and collected by passing through condensers. 

When we design condensers, we adopt series connection of condensers thinking about improving cooling water flowing speed and non-increasing difficulties in manufacturing and repairing condensers. When design, there are some points we need to be careful:

1.Condensate in all condensers should be passed into water distributors. Because condensers are connected with free gas pipes , all un-condensed steam will be connected to each other ,which means condensate from any condensers may contains water ,just to make sure no water contain, condensate should be passed into water distributors.

2. Bottoms of all condensers are connected by pipes in order to un-condensed steam from high load condensers to be condensed inside low load condensers.

3. After above two treatment, each condenser is not necessary to be equipped by input steam load, in order to improve series connected effect of cooling water, sepecification of condensers can be same .

4. Each condenser is connected to each other, the [ressure is kept balance, it doesn't need free gas balance tank .

5. In order to have good condensing effect, Cooling water should be arranged from small to big according to imput steam load. Cooling water will be passed through final condenser with low steam load, finally through desolventizer condenser with high steam load,

With series connection of condensers, water flowing speed is improved which helps condensing effect,good condensing means more solvent collection and saving more energy.

If you want to know more information about edible oil extraction, you can read about Vegetable oil extraction machine.

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