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Oils from oil extraction machine can`t use for cooking directly, need remove impurities by the cooking oil machine. The refining process in the cooking oil machine include degumming, deacidification, decoloration etc,.

There is some gums in the vegetable oils, so we remove the gums by hydrated degumming method, or adding trace acid.
Decoloration process in the cooking oil machine generally adopt adsorption decolorization method, the adsorbent is generally use clay or activated carbon.
Deacidification process in the cooking oil machine have 2 methods: physical method and chemical method. The chemical method is adding certain amount of caustic soda to neutral free fatty acid, making the acid value of oil reach to cooking standard, suitable for refining 2-20tons oil per day. Physical method adopt vacuum evaporation method to remove the free fatty acid, suitable for large scale refining plant.

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