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Alkali refining process in the cooking oil machinery

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1. Brief introduction about the Alkali refining in the cooking oil machinery.
 In the cooking oil machinery, alkali refining refers to neutralize the free fatty acids in the oil by adding alkali, then produce to fatty acid salt (soap) and water, soap absorb some impurities and separate from the oil, The formation of the precipitate called soap, used to neutralize the FFA alkali is sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and calcium hydroxide etc..
2. Main function of the alkali refining process in the cooking oil machinery.
When refining the oils in the cooking oil machinery, the main function of the process of alkali refining in the deacidfication section is: Caustic soda can neutralized most of the FFA in the crude oil, formation of fat sodium salt (sodium soap) is not easy to dissolve in the oil, becoming to floc gelatinous and settle down; The neutralization generation soda soap used as a surfactant, with high adsorption and absorption ability, can absorbing the other impurities ( such as protein, mucus, pigment with phospholipids and with hydroxyl and phenolic based material) into the Sedimentation, even the suspended impurities can be brought down by the soap. Therefore, Alkali refining has comprehensive effects on the synthesis of the acid, the debonding, the removal of impurities and the decolorization.

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