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Corn oil is also called corn embryo oil, is pressed from corn embryo.Corn is different with other vegetable oil,only corn can not be pressed out oil with any equipment or methods.Then when we want to produce oil from corn, first we need withdraw corn embryo and then make oil from corn embryo.There are three methods to withdraw corn embryo: dry method, wet method and half wet method.

1. Dry method
That is , without adjusting moisture of corn, directly using mechanic method to slub or squeeze corn to make hull, embryo and endosperm separated. With this method, operation is easy and low energy consumption, no pollution but low efficiency of embryo withdrawing ,and mixed too much endosperm.

2.Wet method
After soaking, crushing, corn embryo is removed and separated with starch by seperator. With this method, withdrawing 85-95% embryo, which need to be dried because moisture of embryo is about 60%. After dried (moisture about 2-4%), oil contain of corn embryo is about 44-50%.But this method, energy consumption is high , has pollution and need big investment.

3.Half wet method
According to differnt moisture, water absorption and different flexibilty,different strength after absorbing water between corn embryo and corn endosperm, choose mechanic equipment to crush ,hull corn and remove embryo, embryo will be flaked and endosperm will be crushed because of different physical features, finally after screening, embryo will be withdrawn.With this method, more than 85% corn embryo will be withdrawn, and low energy consumption, no pollution, low investment. 


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