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In fact , Corn oil processing is just using corn germ to make oil. Corn only contains about 10% corn germ, that is why, corn oil processing plant alwasy is big capacity plant together with other corn products processing plant such as corn starch .

Corn oil processing includes corn germ separation and corn germ oil processing.

Corn germ separation

Corn germ separation has three main methods : dry germ separation , wet germ separation, half wet germ separation.  

1. Drying germ separation is raw material directly hulling and separating germ without moisturing. This method is adopted when raw material contains 18% water , but processing loss is bigger .    

2. Wet germ separation is to separate germ after soaking and hulling raw seeds, the process is as following:
 ♦Soking: using sulfuric acid liquiq to soak selected corn seeds 40-60minutes inside stainless steel barrel 
 ♦Crushing and separating: after soaking , corn seeds become very soft with loose texture. Through milling or crushing, adding water to germ separating slot  to make germ floating on the water and be separated. but with germ separating slot only can separate about 85% germ, it's better use hydrocyclone to separate germ , which can get 85-95% of corn germ.
The disadvantage of this method: big investment, production cost high

3. Half wet germ separation
According to different moisture and different water absorption of corn germ and endosperm showing different flexibility and strength, first spray water on corn to reach moisture about 16-20%, next to crush, hull and flak corn , in order to make corn germ flaked and endosperm crushed , then using screen to separate corn germ. In this way, we can get more than 85% corn germ , with low energy consumption, no pollution and low investment. 

Corn germ oil processing
Corn germ oil processing can be divided into : press method and extraction method. 
1. Press method 
It's suitable for small capacity oil plant , process includes: oil pressing and oil refining . In this way, oil residue inside cake is about 6-8%
2. Extration method
It's suitable for big capacity oil plant. process includes: oil pressing , oil extraction and oil refining. After extraction, oil residue inside meal is less than 1%

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