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Cottonseed oil machine features:

Cottonseed oil press oil press mainly consists of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filtration and other components. Pressing screw is made of alloy steel by carburizing to enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; pressing and grinding by grinding the surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of the oil line, improve the oil output; standard parts such as power distribution, vacuum, automatic heating, etc. Brand, optimize the machine configuration; the surface of the machine adopts stainless steel and chrome plating, which meets food hygiene standards.

Cottonseed oil machine advantages:

1. Advanced technology and long life:

Added steel sleeve to the shaft of the reducer of the cottonseed oil press. The single reinforcement of the pressing cage is double reinforced on the circumference. The advanced steel is used. Carburized and quenched or high frequency quenched. It has high hardness, good wear resistance and high precision. , Operating balance without noise, to meet the long-term continuous automatic production, can be used for more than 30 years.

2 cottonseed oil press has high oil output and large output:

With the world's advanced enhanced press structure, the cutter row is round and the pressing pressure is high. The newly-developed four-stage and five-stage presses have higher pressing pressure and larger output, which are advanced in the country.

3. Cottonseed oil machine has low energy consumption, artificial province:

Cottonseed oil press uses infrared heating. Automatic temperature control, reduce heat loss, shorten heating time, gearbox uses planetary gears, advanced in the country, greatly reduce energy consumption by more than 30%. Electrical automatic control production, employees (1-2 people).

4. Reliable service:

The factory is a 30-year-old branded cottonseed oil press manufacturer with perfect after-sales service system and extensive maintenance staff experience to solve customers' technical problems in time.

5. Brand advantage:

Zhengzhou Dayang Cottonseed Oil Machine has become a household name in many countries. It develops domestically and internationally, makes famous brands, and has a good reputation. It is committed to building large-scale, strong cotton seed oil machinery manufacturers in China.


Cottonseed oil is used in salad oils and cooking oils, and is hydrogenated to make ghee and margarine. The extracted cake residue or kernels are used as poultry and livestock feed. Short lint remaining on the seeds after removing cotton fibers with a ginner can be used to make rovings and a variety of fiber products. Seed hull can be used as roughage for ruminants. However, large-scale industrial utilization is a fairly new development. Refined cottonseed oil is generally orange or brown, fatty acids containing palmitic acid 21.6-24.8%, stearic acid 1.9-2.4%, arachidic acid 0-0.1%, oleic acid 18.0-30.7%, linoleic acid 44.9-55.0%, The refined cotton oil cleans up toxins such as gossypol for human consumption, especially fried foods


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