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Sunflower oil is well-known high quality cooking oil. Sunflower oil should be well storaged to avoid oxidizing. Then we need to know factors which affect the stability of sunflower oil. The factors include temperature,light,metal ions,oxygen and moisture,which could increase acid value and peroxide value of sunflower oil and then makes sunflower oil oxidized.

1. Temperature:
Higher temperature will increase more acid value of sunflower oil and peroxide value will be over national standard without edible value.So to keep sunflower oil under low temperature can avoid sunflower oil going bad.

2. Light:
Light will not make acide value increase much , but will increase peroxide value resulting in fast oxidizing and shortening shelflife of sunflower oil. So to keep sunflower oil in dark area can prolong storage period of sunflower oil.

3.Metal ions
Metal ions can induce oxidization of sunflower oil ,to reduce concentration of metal ions during sunflower oil making can avoid oxidation of sunflower oil.

4. Oxygen
Oxygen will not make acid value of sunflower oil increase in short time ,but if keep long time under oxygen, oxidation will happen.

5. Moisture
Moisture will make acid value and peroxide value increase because hgher moisture will make fat hydrated faster and make free fatty acid increase.

So, in order to prolong shelflife of sunflower oil, sunflower oil should be stored under low temperature with good sunflower oil making process to reduce moisture and metal ions and with good packing to avoid light and oxygen.

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