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 In cooking oil production, after oil refining, some oil still contains wax such as sunflower oil, corn oil and rice bran oil. The exist of wax is not good for oil tranparency , oil taste and digestion for human,which have bad effect of oil quality. So we'd better remove this part of wax before cooking.

Factors affect the result of dewaxing

1. Dewaxing temperature and speed of cooling
Before crystallizing , we need ajust oil temperature in order to make all wax melted and then control the process of crystallizing to make sure big and tight wax crystal which is easy to be separated.Speed of cooling is related with crystallizing speed and maturalizing speed. The speed of cooling should be slow to give enough time for wax cystallized both with high melting point  and low melting point, 

2. Crystallizing time
In order to easily separate wax, the cooling speed should be slow and when reach a certain cystallizing temperature, this temperature should be kept for a period to make sure the wax crystal growing and maturing to big and tight crystal.

3. Mixing speed 
Mixing can make even cooling, normally mixing at 10-13 rpm, too fast will break the crystal and too slow is not easy for cooling. This mixing speed will help cystallizing.

4. Assistant
Different dewaxing methods can choose different assitant .

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