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 Groundnut oil production process has many different methods: oil press, oil extraction ,oil cold press etc. 5S groundnut oil production process is  is invented by Chinese famous brand "Luhua"groundnut oil with five special standard of technology to produce high quality groundnut oil. 5 special standards of technology has obvious advantages:

1. Pure mechanic pressing method replaces chemical extraction, to avoid high temperature refining and chemical solvent polluting oil quality,to keep natural specification of groundnut oil.

2. Technology of producing and keeping fragrance ,completely stimulating and remaining fragrant stuff of groundnut oil

3.“Non-hydrated dephosphorization" technology for removal harmful substances, completely retained active nutrition inside groundnut oil

4. Constant temperature storage and natural VE preservation technology to make sure natural nutrients inside edible oil not going bad

5. Complete removal of aflatoxin technology, not only can remove completely aflatoxin inside oil and also can keep not to change any characteristics of nutrition, flavor of groundnut oil.

The whole groundnut production process does not need to add any chemical substances, and doesn't produce waste water, waste gas and other solid waste pollution. This technology plays an important role in ensuring food safety and protection of human health.

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