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How to start a palm oil processing plant ?

1.Market investigation
Before you start a palm oil processing plant, you need make a market investigation : market consumption and raw material supplying which will help you to decide the capacity of palm oil processing plant to invest. If the market need edible palm oil with a lot of crude palm oil suppliers, you can think about just invest a palm oil refinery plant.

2.Inquiry of palm oil machine price

Palm oil processing equipment will take a great part of your total investment. In order to know better how much you need to invest, you can inquiry some professional manufacturers of palm oil machine .They will give you professional quotation according to your requirement, and will suggest you basic size of land you need or you can ask all information you need.

3. Location of your palm oil processing plant
Location should be convenient for transportation,if you invest a big palm oil processing plant with oil extraction , you should ask palm oil machine manufacturer some special requirement of location,because oil extraction area is anti-explosion area .

4. Get Palm oil processing equipment
When you inquiry palm oil machine price, for sure, manufacturers will send you very clearly necessary palm oil processing equipment you need . Then what you need is going to visit  manufacturers and choose one you trust to be your supplier.

5. Setup your palm oil processing plant
After you signed the contract with manufacuter of palm oil machine, they will design the oil plant layout for you. You can seek professionals to construct your plant buildings.After palm oil machine arriving, manufacuturer of palm oil machine will send engineers here to install whole palm oil processing plant until start-up.

6. Hire workers
Palm oil processing plant doesn't need many workers, normally one shift about 3-4 people per shift. You need find one general engineer. Operating workers don't need qualification because engineers sent by palm oil machine manufacuturer will teach how to operate palm oil processing equipment during installation period.

7. Creat market

Good quality of palm oil and good sales department is basic for good marketing. You can establish your own wholesale and retail system. You need create your own brand with good reputation.

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