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The palm oil machine is designed with a palm fruit receiving station: The palm fruit mill receives fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and palm fruit cages for loading. It uses a hydraulic control system. According to our experience, some palm oil plants use concrete structures, but it is not conducive to cleaning. Now we use steel, guardrail structure. Some impurities will fall to one conveyor and the impurities will be transported to the outside, which is easier for cleaning.

Palm oil machine designed plant sterilization station with palm fruit.

For large palm fruit machines, we use horizontal disinfection cabinets, which can produce continuous increase and effectiveness.

The disinfection station uses high-quality materials, has a low failure rate, and is easy to maintain.

The disinfection station can be designed according to customer requirements. Horizontal disinfection pots can be designed. We can also provide vertical sterilization pots for our customers.

As the palm oil plant sterilizer is a pressure vessel, we have special certification from the Peoples Republic of China. Can provide quality products and provide complete after-sales services, including foreign engineering services.

Palm oil machines also include a thresher: palm oil palm fruit thresher is used for individual empty fruit bunches and palm fruit.

According to our ability to design the thresher capacity of the palm oil plant, we usually have a spare.

The empty fruit string from the thresher will be transported to the outside and can be used as fertilizer in palm fruit plantations. Sterilized palm fruit will be conveyed to the next station.

At the threshing station, we use a steel structure that is easy to clean, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.

Pressers: Squeezing palm oil plant stations is including biogas digesters and oil pressure.

Transfer the sterilized palm fruit from the thresher to the digester. With a blade digester, the blade will pass through the motor, which is rolling on the top of the digester. The palm fruit peel can be crushed by blades, except that we will fill the steam digester heating. Palm pulp cells can be destroyed at high temperatures, and after that we can get higher oil yields.

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