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Dayang oil equipment is professional manufacturer of high quality palm oil processing equipment including palm oil press machine, palm oil extraction machine and palm oil refinery machines, 

1. Palm Oil press machine

a. Palm fruit reception-palm fruit bunches need to be weighted before processing
b. Threshing- to separate palm fruit with bunches, empty bunches will be used as fuel
c. Sterilization- to use high temperature steam to treat palm fruit
d. Crushing-to crush palm fruit before oil pressing 
e. Pressing- to press crude palm oil from palm fruit, crude oil for refinery and cake for oil extraction

2. Palm oil extraction machine
( this part is optional according to capacity)
a. Oil extraction- to use solvent to extract oil from palm oil cake , getting mixed oil and wet meal
b. Evaporation- to use evaporators to evaporate solvent from mixed oil to get crude oil 
c. Desolventizing- to use desolventizer to dry wet meal 
d. Condensing- to cool down and collect solvent from evaporation and desolventizing 

3.  Palm oil refinery machine

a. Degumming- to remove gum impurities from crude palm oil
b. Deacidification- to neutralize free fatty acid from crude palm oil
c. Decoloration- to bleach crude palm oil
d. Deodorization-to remove bad smells impurities from crude palm oil
e. Fractionation- to separate olein ans sterin

Normally,  whole line of palm oil processing equipment  is combined according to your capacity and requirement , if you want to know more information, please contact us or read Palm oil production process.

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