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Nowadays, Palm oil is one of the most widely used cooking oil on the world, it can be used as a ingredient of  biscuits, breads, margarines, instant noodles, cosmetics, candles, chocolates and ice creams etc. By 2020, the use of palm oil is expected to be double,  especially in countries like China and India with big population. So when you think to involve in this industry to produce palm oil, first you need know better the palm oil processing plant cost.

Palm oil processing plant is a complete palm oil production line,including palm oil press machines, palm oil extraction machines and palm oil refining machines. Palm oil processing plant cost is depending on capacity and different technology requirement.

For small capacity less than 20 tons, there are only two workshops: oil press machine and oil refining machine, common palm oil processing machines have sterilizing tank, threshing machine, crushing machine , oil pressing machine and oil refining tanks for degumming, deacidification , decoloration and deodorization . For big capacity, except these two workshops, we need oil extraction workshop, main machines include: oil extractor, desolventizer, multi-effective evaporators,condensors etc. and for big capacity, oil refining machine has more options , such as batch refining, semi-continuous refining and continous refining. Of course, the cost of continous refining is much higher than batch refining and semi-continuous refining.

Note us your capacity and requirement, we can design for you the combination of palm oil processing plant and calculate the palm oil processing plant cost for you. More information, you can read  Palm oil production process.

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