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 Palm oil production machine process 

Sterilization – Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are sterilized inside autoclave using steam at about 145℃ for a period of 90 to 120 minutes. The purpose of sterilization process is to deactivate hydrolytic enzymes responsible for the breakdown of oil to free fatty acids and to loosen the fruits from bunches.
Threshing – Through strong vibration separate the fruit from the palm fruit string.
Digesting – Digestion involves the mashing up the fruits under steam heated condition in a digester. Stir the fruit, meanwhile cooking it again.
Pressing – Separate the flesh and kernel, get crude palm oil and kernel(If no break, send to Depericarper).
Clarification – Separate the crude oil and sludge, the crude palm oil (CPO) contains a mixture of palm oil (35-45%), water (45-55%) and fibrous materials in different portions.
Purification –Oil purification treatment and improve purity
Drying – Use Continuous Vacuum Drier, reduce the moisture in oil to 0.1%.
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