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Here we supplys peanut oil production process of two group mixing process. we divide peanuts into two groups: small group of 25% high quality peanuts directly cooking and big group of 75% normal peanuts first pressing and then steam cooking .With these two groups mixing process, we can produce different grade peanut oil.

Peanut oil production process:
Peanuts→hulling→magnetic roller→screening→destoner→grading→
1.  Small group:  25% higher quality peanuts→cooking→pressing →crude oil→cold filtering→edible oil
2.  Big group:       75% peanuts→crushing→flaking→steam cooking→pressing→ crude oil → clarifying →slag→ clean crude oil → cold filtering→edible oil

Peanut oil cold filtering process:

Crude oil → pre-cooling → cooling → 1st filtering → 2nd filtering →edible oil
                                                                                 ↓                      ↓
                                                                             residue         residue

With this peanut oil process, we can get edible peanut oil .

Specification of edible peanut oil:
Items Standards
Transparency Clear ,transparent
Odor, taste No odor, good taste
Color ≤ Y30,R3.0
Moisture /% ≤ 0.05
Impurities /% ≤ 0.05
Acid Value /mgKOH/g ≤ 0.20
Peroxide meq/㎏ ≤ 5
Smoke point /℃ ≥ 215
Freezing test(0℃) 5.5hours clear, transparent


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