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Differences between pressed cooking oil and extracted cooking oil :

1.Main difference between pressed cooking oil and extracted cooking oil  is their different cooking oil production process, Pressed oil is using physical and mechanic method to press out oil from raw oil seeds after crushing, flaking, cooking and pressing . Extracted oil is using chemical method to extract oil from oil material which has been crushed, flaked, cooked.

2.Oil pressing is used to produce oil seeds which need keep the original taste of oil seeds (such as peanut oil ,sesame oil ) , with low oil yield, high oil residue inside oil cake. Oil extraction is mainly used for producing oil from low oil contain raw seeds such as soybean, rice bran oil etc or raw seeds which doesn't need special taste, with high oil yield, low oil residue inside meal,big capacity and high automation. Normally, according to different capacity and different raw material, cooking oil production process can adopt both methods , for example, for high oil contain raw seeds (peanut, sunflower , rapeseeds) using " pre-press--extraction" methods to produce oil.

3.Both pressed oil and extracted oil are called crude oil ,which need to be refined into edible oil.Some pressed oil just need degumming,deacidification and decoloration. But extracted oil should be deodorized after above oil production process. Different type of oil and different requirement of cooking oil will need different cooking oil production process.

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