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For soybean oil production, pretreatment is first and basic step.How to prepare raw soybean seeds is very important for good soybean oil extraction.

1. Cleaning raw soybean seeds is basic step, to clean impurities under a reasonable range is to make sure produce good quality of oil and long service life of oil machines.

2. Crushing soybean seeds into 4-6 even pieces, controlling powder of crushed pieces no more than 10%, making good conditions for flaking.

3. Softening will change flexibility of raw material by adjusting material moisture and temperature in order to reduce powder during flaking and make sure good quality of flaked pieces.

4. Flaking raw material into even pieces with thickness less than 0.3mm. The purpose of flaking is to damage oil cells , increase surface area, shorten oil route finally make good oil extraction. When extraction route is short , solvent can contact raw material with big area which will help improve extraction efficiency. Flaking is very important in pretreatment before oil extraction , related to oil quality and quantity.

5. Drying flaked raw material at moisture less than 13%, temperature about 45-55℃. Because high moisture is not good for solvent penetration and oil extraction.

After steps above, the structure and properties of flaked raw material can meet the demands of soybean oil extraction.

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