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 Rapeseed oil prduction process includes oil press, oil extraction and oil refinery, which is suitable for many other different oil , such as cottonseed oil, mustard oil,corn germ oil.

Rapeseed oil production process flow chart:

1. Oil press :
Raw seeds →Cleaning screen→Destoner→Softening→Flaking→Cooking→Oil pressing→Crude oil for refining ,cake for extraction

2. Oil extraction
Pressed cake→ oil extracting→ mixed oil → first evaporation→second evaporation→stripping→condensing →crude rapeseed oil
                                   wet meal→desolventizer→dry meal package 

3. Oil refining
Crude oil from pressing and extraction → hydrated degumming →alkali refining → decoloration → deodorization → edible rapeseed oil

For capacity less than 20 tons per day, rapeseed oil production adopts oil press and oil refining withou oil extraction. If you want to know more information about rapeseed oil production or other oil seeds production , please contact us directly , we can design for you right oil plant as your requirement. Or maybe you need produce two or three materials in one plant, then you must contact us now.

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