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Refining process in the Cooking Oil Machine

The Cooking Oil Machine include 3 processes:
1),pre-press; 2),solvent extraction;3),Oil refinery.
the vegetable oil from first 2 section will content some undesired impurities, for example Free Fatty Acid, The foremost aim of refining process is removing extra FFA and preventing the vegetable oil from oxidation, but not only the FFA, it also removes the harmful impurities, color and odor which may have a negative impact on the taste, odor, and appearance of the oil. The oil after refinery process is thinner without FFA, colorless and odorless, meanwhile, it is good for human health and easy to storage.
2, Refining method in the Cooking Oil Machine
Two methods:1,chemical 2, physical  Production Capacity: 5~5000T/D  Application Range: various crude oil
Oil refining in the Cooking Oil Machine is a complicated process not only include physical andchemical refining.depending on different physical and chemical characters of the oil and accompaniment, separate oil and impurities with the help of acid, alkali, high temperature process, ect. 
Main oil refining process in the Cooking Oil Machine : 
(1). Intermittent Refining Process

 Suitable for small scale cooking oil machine.
Major process: degumming, deacidification, bleaching and deodorization
(2). Semicontinuous Refining Process

Major process: degumming, deacidification, bleaching, deodorization
(3). Continuous Refining Process

Suitable for large scale cooking oil machine. 
Major process:degumming and alkali refining,deacidification, water washing, drying, bleaching, filtration,deodorization.

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