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Rice bran oil extraction is starting from rice bran granule made by rice bran pretreatment, rice bran oil extraction is very important in whole rice bran oil production to make sure low oil residue.

Rice bran oil extraction process: 

Granule of rice bran⇒extractor (extracted with solvent)⇒mixed oil⇒steam evaporator⇒crude oil separated from solvent to refinery , cooling solvent ready for recycling

Advantages of Dayang rice bran oil extraction:

1. Conveyor use continuously variable transmission to make sure transport material with uniform velocity and sealing well.
2. Extractor with the counterflow jet technology can reduce the oil contain in dregs of rice bran,
3. Desolventizer-toaster adopts German technology to make sure the color of dregs of rice bran during drying , reduce protein change and save the consumption of steam.
4. Using the mineral oil recycling device to collect tail gas to make sure the solvent consumption no more than 1.5kg per ton of dregs.
5. Using Chint electric component, Explosion-proof engine , reduction gear of Jiangsu famous brand to keep the whole set running stably and low fault rate.

By-product of rice bran oil extraction: Insitol

After extraction, dregs of rice bran contains a lot of phytin, which is the raw material of Insitol. During this process, we will extract phytin, and then produce insitol by hydrolysis of phytin
Phytin extracting machine and machine for producing Insitol by hydrolysis of Phytin will be needed .

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