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Comparison between Screw oil presser and Hydraulic oil presser: 

-Oil pressing method

♦ Hydraulic oil presser is one kind of oil pressing machine according to theory of liquid static pressure transmission, using liquid as the pressure media to squeeze oil material in order to press oil out . This oil presser is one closed circuit system composed by hydraulic system and main oil pressing part, including hydraulic pump station, control valves, motors, electric cabinet, cyclinder , machine frame etc.

♦ Srew oil presser is one pressing technology using screw shaft to feed oil material through rollers to crush, press and squeeze out oil,composed with machine frame, electric cabinet, screw shaft, rollers etc.

-Oil quality

♦ Hydraulic oil pressing is a physical pressing method, during pressing not  making temperature higher,not destorying oil material organic ingredient,producing high quality of oil with few impurities,suitable for high oil contain raw seeds (such as sesame,peanut etc) and other oil seeds which need cold pressed.

♦ Screw oil presser will make temperature higher during pressing, which will destory organic ingredient of oil material with more impurities inside oil and oil need to be cooled down after pressing.

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